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What do a fireplace, a wood-burning stove, and electric generated heat have in common? They can all heat your house but may not be the best option.

Solar power is no joke.

Hundreds of agricultural businesses in California have already lowered, and in some cases, eliminated costly electric bills by installing solar panels.

If you’re like many business owners, you might have some pre-conceived, and often, incorrect assumptions preventing you from seriously considering installing a solar system.

Here are some of the most common concerns – the answers
might surprise you.

For a solar system to be effective, it would have to be huge and take up a lot of room.

Cell phones and computers aren’t the only products that have shrunk in size while increasing in output – the solar industry has also seen a tremendous boost in technology that allows solar systems to become smaller and mightier.

In days past, solar installations were required to be much larger and cover more square feet to produce the less energy than today’s more compact and effective systems. Often times the system can be installed on the roofs of pre-existing structures.

Recently CalSolar installed a custom solar system for American Pallet Co. and put the solar panels on the roofs of storages bays.

Installing a solar system would require me to halt production.

Depending on the project, this is not true. CalSolar’s project team of engineers, schedulers, and installers work with you to determine a schedule and plan to accommodate your needs.

Solar doesn’t provide a significant return on my investment.

For most agricultural operations, energy costs are one of the highest monthly expenditures, and it often varies depending on the market and time of year. When you install solar, the savings can be significant – up to 30% or more.

Installing solar panels requires a significant financial deposit upfront.

Many reputable companies understand this concern and have multiple purchase and lease options that require 0% down and some don’t require the property deed and no lien is placed on the property.

In addition, many companies have financial specialists on staff who are trained to help customers make the best purchase or lease decision based on your specific needs and goals.

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