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Want to gain control of your rising energy cost?

Investing in solar power for your Agribusiness makes more sense now than ever. NEM-A gives farmers the ability to build one array and offset the costs of numerous meters spanning many acres.

Want to increase your profitability?

Each CalSolar Agribusiness project is custom-designed to meet our customers specific needs and maximize their return on investment.

Agribusiness Solar Benefits

• Gain control over rising energy costs.
• Increase profitability over time.
• Reduce Overhead cost by eliminating
• Earn tax benefits starting year 1 – up to 50%.
• Create a sustainable, environmentally friendly business to pass on to the next generation.

Financial Incentives

By combining federal tax credits and depreciation, Agribusinesses can save approximately half of the initial project cost.

Initial System Cost (example): $1,000,000

Available Credits:

  • Federal Tax Credit (ITC): $260,000
  • Federal Depreciation: $182,700
  • State CA (MACRS) Depreciation: $63,200
  • = Final Investment: $494,100


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