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Energy consumption is typically a high fixed-cost for many commercial operations. CalSolar understands this. We’ll develop a custom solar system based on your usage, needs and specific goals. Your energy costs will be lowered, and your company will become part of the “green community” – a status that is gaining importance with both consumers and potential business partners.

Reduce a fixed cost of your business by going solar and in turn increase profit margins by several fold.

Your California Commercial Solar Solution

Want to cut operating costs? Commercial solar energy panels are a great solution, but many businesses don’t consider solar for commercial businesses in California. CalSolar is changing this misconception. Commercial solar energy systems are more than an alternative; they’re the cost-cutting, pollution-stopping solution.

Money-Saving Solutions

Consider these buyers’ incentives:

  • Local utilities offer installation rebates for commercial solar energy systems, based on the size of the system.
  • States give tax exemptions for commercial solar panels and allow net metering – businesses “bank” their excess power, and their electric bills are credited.
  • The IRS allows Investment Tax Credit (ITC) of 30 percent for the entire cost of the system, whether the commercial solar energy system costs $10,000 or $1 million.
  • Federal Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS) is a five-year depreciation program – the full cost of a new solar energy system is tax deductible. Considering the system will increase cash flow for 20 to 25-plus years, MACRS is quite a bonus!

Tax cuts and rebates aside, solar for commercial businesses in California pays for itself tenfold. Plus, you’ll stay ahead of fluctuating prices. And if you rent out space, you can pass on the savings and keep your building occupied.

Your Company Looks Better

Everybody wants to breathe clean air, but few of us do much to help. Install a commercial solar energy system, and you’ll do more than cut costs.

  • Commercial solar energy systems can benefit many types of businesses. Our qualified designers and installers will make sure your system is right for you.
  • Solar panels help to present your business as a high-quality establishment; you’ll look smart, progressive, community-minded and eco-friendly.
  • People will notice as local media spotlights your business (usually for free in public interest news stories).
  • Your real estate value will increase (but you probably won’t want to sell).

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Clean, cost-effective (sometimes cost-free) energy is available now. Do your electric bills kill your bottom line? Cut those costs! Contact CalSolar here, or call us directly at 1-209-253-0923 to learn more or to order your system today.



Working with CalSolar provides you with the peace of mind of knowing your project will be completed with your specific needs in mind. We custom engineer the perfect solar systems to meet your goals and needs. We don’t believe in trying to retro-fit a pre-existing designed system to work for you.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your energy needs.

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